EV range tested on WLTP Challenge

EV range tested on WLTP Challenge


Electric vehicles are able to get close to and match the official range figures, according to the results of the WLTP Challenge. Having taken part in the event last week, Zap-Map’s drive in the Nissan Leaf e+ helped determine that statement.

While each of the pure-electric models to run in the WLTP Challenge failed to match the official WLTP ranges, they all got extremely close. Considering the brief for the day was to drive ‘normally’ rather than attempt any hyper-miling, the results bode well for those looking at EV ranges.

The Leaf e+ was less than 6% off its official mile/kWh score, returning 4.1 miles/kWh over the WLTP’s 4.35 miles/kWh used by the challenge’s organisers. Calculating range on battery percentage used saw a similar result, with a projected 220 miles available from a full charge – 205 miles actually driven using 93%.

The Tesla Model 3 Performance got closest to the organiser’s WLTP figures, at just 3% below par, and the Audi e-tron 55 quattro was 10.5% off the official results. All three electric vehicles were piloted by experienced EV drivers, but all drove in a reasonable manner for the conditions and challenge.

For the full set of results, visit the WLTP Challenge’s website. You can also read how the day went for Zap-Map by reading the report at the button below.