EV World Congress 2021

EV World Congress 2021

By: Zapmap


The EV World Congress 2021 will take place from 19-20th October at the Marriot City Centre Hotel in Bristol. The event is a chance to share insight and inspiration as the world starts to move on post-COVID toward hitting ambitious decarbonisation goals in 2030 and beyond.

The EV World Congress will bring world-leading organisations, cities and technology providers to the UK to inspire EV innovators and delve into the challenges as the UK revolutionises road transport. From local authorities facing even tighter budgets to roll out chargers due to COVID, to fleets struggling to manage the energy demand of EVs, to innovative grid-balancing technologies to ensure the grid can handle the power demands of EV usage, the Congress will provide solutions to accelerate your EV strategy.

Taking place just a month before COP26, the EV World Congress will be the place to meet with, and position your business amongst, the leading EV experts and organisations not only from across the UK, but globally. Zap-Map is an advisor to the event.