Evolt picked by taxi firm to meet demands

Evolt picked by taxi firm to meet demands


Dundee taxi firm 203020 is set to become the UK’s largest electric vehicle (EV) taxi fleet, and has picked APT Controls’ Evolt system for its charging points. With the taxi fleet set to expand to more than 100 vehicles, 203020 was looking for the ideal model for working EVs.

As the city is set to put into action some of its proposals from the £40 million Go Ultra Low Cities bid – which it ultimately didn’t win but was awarded a share of a £5 million pot with other runners up – Dundee is pushing ahead with EV plans.

Taxi company 203020 selected APT Controls from a tender process and has had five 50kW Tri-Rapid chargers installed for its current fleet of 30 EVs. These will charge their taxis in half an hour, while a further ten 7kW chargers have been fitted for quick top-ups.

David Young, CEO of 203020, said that Evolt came highly recommended. “Two companies informed me of its reliability, and when it came to choosing a product, Evolt really stood out. The equipment is very well installed, maintained to high levels and we have never had a problem with their use – which is testament to the manufacturer’s quality since each Rapid Charger is in consistent use with approximately 17 and 21 charges every day.”

Another 100 EVs are currently on order now that the charging infrastructure has been boosted. David Young said: “Since the EV programme started one year ago, over 30 taxi firms from all over the UK have visited to see our set up. It’s an ideal model of environmental success, and Evolt has really helped in driving it forward with its reliable charge points.

“This time next year every vehicle we own will be 100 per cent electric, and with that expansion comes an increased use of the charge points. Two of our rapid chargers are already the busiest in the UK, and our original 30 EVs will very soon reach 1,000,000 miles, saving hundreds of tons of carbon emissions.”

Justin Meyer, General Manager for Evolt, anticipates an increased role in the future: “The take-up of EVs, and therefore the increased need for charge points, is accelerating and we forecast significant growth in the supply of our EV charging solutions to taxi companies as well as to local councils for their fleets and initiatives.”

Evolt’s rapid charging range of 50kW DC and 43kW AC output systems is made up of two products; the Compact Charger and the Advanced Charger. Both are proven systems allowing EV charging at AC and DC outlets on the unit (when enabled). Each unit also has a built in 3G communications modem enabling remote monitoring of the charging process and charging data collection (where needed). And its 7kW dual-socket range is robustly designed and features a tamper-proof opening mechanism to increase security.