Evolt units for three new Dundee charging hubs

Evolt units for three new Dundee charging hubs


Plans for three new EV charging hubs in Dundee, as part of the city’s Go Ultra Low (GUL) Cities bid, are in motion after charge point provider Evolt announced it will be involved in the first phase of works, worth an estimated £1.8 million.

The charging locations will allow for a large number of EVs to be able to charge at the same time. Each hub will have solar panels fitted, which will feed into the hub’s energy storage device. This uses second life EV batteries to allow for smarter use of electricity, making sure that enough power is available at peak charging times, and balancing out the amount of energy consumed from the National Grid.

Evolt will install both the charge points and the back office system that manages the energy storage solution and the units. Those points will feature a combination of rapid and fast connectors, able to charge two EVs to 80% battery capacity at the same time in half an hour and an hour respectively.

Alongside the three charging hubs, four rapid chargers and 14 fast chargers will be installed at other sites outside of Dundee’s city centre to help create a wider charging network. All of the new units will come under the national ChargePlace Scotland network.

Dundee is the first of the GUL Cities to award a contract for EV charge point installation following the announcement of the £40 million government investment earlier this year. Evolt’s successful bid cements its place as the leading supplier of EV charge points to Scotland with more than 1,000 charge points installed, and a partnership already in place with the Energy Saving Trust’s national framework.

Fraser Crichton, Transport Manager for Dundee City Council, said: “We have worked with Evolt for the last five years on charging infrastructure within Dundee and are delighted to continue our relationship to develop some exciting and innovative charging hubs across the city and surrounding area.”

Justin Meyer, General Manager for Evolt, said: “The quality and proven reliability of our hardware coupled with dedicated local servicing expertise makes us a driving force within the Scottish eMobility marketplace. We are very pleased to be playing a part in the Go Ultra Low initiative, and with more Evolt chargers in key locations across Dundee we hope to see the take up of EVs continue to increase.”

Among the 14 Rapid chargers delivered, Dundee has chosen six of Evolt’s next generation Raption 50 model that includes a 47-inch LCD screen to offer the council a further revenue generating opportunity. The Raption 50 Rapid was unveiled in September at the Cenex-LCV exhibition, and this will be the first time the new units have been installed in the UK, with multiple units already installed across Europe.