Zest charge point Hackney

First of 2,500 new EV charge points goes live in Hackney

Nic Ryan

The first of 2,500 new electric vehicle (EV) charge points in Hackney has been installed at Follingham Court, Hoxton, as part of one of the country’s biggest rollouts of EV charging infrastructure. 

Hackney Council is working with its partner Zest on the rollout, which will ensure everyone in Hackney has access to high quality EV charging by the time of its completion.

The charge point at Follingham Court is the first of 830 lower power chargers ideal for overnight charging, with another 670 following by 2026.

An additional 1,000 freestanding charge points capable of charging at between seven and 22kW will also be installed during this time - all of the newly installed chargers will use 100% renewable energy.

10% of the new charge points will be installed on estates and spread evenly across the whole borough, in an aim to deliver fair access to charging for all residents.

Zest is funding the programme in full and providing and operating all 2,500 of the new charge points. The company is backed by the Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund, a government sponsored public-private fund designed to scale-up open-access, public EV charging networks in the UK, increasing its accessibility and convenience.

As a Zapmap Live Data partner, Zest charge points show status and availability information within the Zapmap app and web map, making planning to charge your EV even easier.

A reduced tariff is available for Hackney EV permit holders through Hackney Light and Power, the Council’s energy service arm.

Pavements will be kept free of charging infrastructure to maintain accessibility for pedestrians. The charge points will be mounted on existing lampposts or installed in parking bays.

 “The switch to EVs will help tackle pollution and create a greener, healthier Hackney,” said  Cllr Mete Coban, Hackney Council Cabinet Member for Climate Change, Environment and Transport.

“While we’re proud that Hackney has one of the highest proportions of people walking, cycling and taking public transport in London, this country-leading rollout will help those who need to drive to switch to EVs.

“The Council has used its procurement power to do this in a way that works for Hackney - with chargers placed in lampposts or in parking days, not the pavement, and by ensuring that all our estates and neighbourhoods benefit from the rollout.

“We’re really happy to be working in partnership with Zest, who are funding, installing and operating the new chargers.”


Zest charge point Hackney

All of the new charging points will use 100% renewable energy.


Hackney is expected to have the densest network of EV chargers of any area in the country when the rollout is completed in 2026, with 3,000 chargers in the borough’s seven square miles.

 “We’re delighted to be working in a long term partnership with Hackney,” said  Robin Heap, CEO at Zest.

“The sheer scale of this project shows what bold thinking and public-private partnership can achieve. I see this as more than a project - it is a blueprint for the next wave of EV infrastructure.

“The social equity built into the project means that people right across the borough will get access to EV infrastructure. As a certified B Corp we are committed to projects that deliver benefits for everyone, for the local economy and for the planet.

“My message to all local authorities, especially those in receipt of LEVI support, is to look at the scale of ambition here in Hackney and ask yourself - what more could I do?”

In addition to this EV charging programme, the Council expects soon to be able to agree a contract for 150 rapid chargers - for drivers that need to charge on the move - in the coming months.