Free parking for EVs at Milton Keynes

Free parking for EVs at Milton Keynes


Milton Keynes has launched 15,000 free parking spaces in the city for EV drivers to use, as just one of the incentives planned as part of its successful Go Ultra Low Cities bid.

The town was awarded £9 million worth of Office for Low Emission Vehicles (ULEV) funding in January earlier this year, with Milton Keynes one of a number of areas sharing a £40 million fund to promote the use of EVs in the UK. As part of this, the 15,000 commuter and charging spaces are now located across the town to encourage EV users into the centre, available to use as of today (Thursday 7th July).

Those using the spots need to display a new ‘green parking permit’ which can be applied for through Milton Keynes Council for owners of Ultra Low Emission Vehicles – those emitting 75 g/km CO2 or less, and have an all-electric range of at least 15 miles. Unlike most council issued parking permits, applicants don’t need to live or work in central Milton Keynes to be considered eligible, allowing visitors to park for free too.

Transport Minister Andrew Jones said at the incentive’s launch: “It is great to see the first part of Milton Keynes’ Go Ultra Low City plan become a reality. Thanks to the £9 million of funding we have provided, thousands of local residents will now be able to park their electric cars for free. This grant will also help to create an ‘electric vehicle experience centre’ in the city and open up bus lanes to electric car drivers.

“We are investing £600 million in cleaner, greener vehicles by 2020 to improve air quality, create jobs and achieve our goal of every car and van in the UK being zero emission by 2050.”