Help set a new world record with your EV

Help set a new world record with your EV


Electric car owners are being called upon by a television production company to take part in an attempt to break a new world record – the fastest speed for a vehicle travelling in reverse.

The attempt is set to be made as part of a new BBC series called Motorheads and the production company behind the car programme is asking for anyone with an EV who would be happy to be involved to come forward and offer to loan their car.

The attempt will be carried out next week – Friday 29th April – with filming taking place at Bentwaters Parks in Suffolk. The car would need to be there on that day specifically so owners must take this into consideration when contacting the production company.

The Motorheads series will be presented by motoring journalists Tom Ford and Jonny Smith, who have previously worked together on Fifth Gear and Mud, Sweat and Gears, as well as contributing to some of the biggest motoring publications in the UK. The show’s premise is to find the best car videos online and try to better them.

The fastest reversing vehicle attempt is prompted by an attempt at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in 2012 (pictured above), with the record set in a Nissan Leaf. EVs have a greater potential to break a reversing top speed record since they are theoretically around as fast in reverse as they are going forward thanks to the single gear found in most models.

The filming will consist of two sections: a race between a Noble sportscar and an electric car in reverse, and an attempt to beat the world record for the fastest car in reverse over a mile. Guinness World Records adjudicators will be on hand to verify the results.

October Films, the production company behind Motorheads, wants to make it clear that it is not encouraging people to drive backwards at speed as it is dangerous. The attempt will be carried out on a runway and by an experienced driver to keep things as safe as possible.

Those interested in loaning their car for the record attempt, which will primarily be aired on UK and US TV, can call 0207 284 6868 to register interest and find out more information.