Kia Sould EV used to test wireless charging technology

Kia Sould EV used to test wireless charging technology


Wireless charging systems, capable of transferring high power without need for precise alignment between the charger and the vehicle, are currently under development for electric vehicles, with the Kia Soul EV being the tester car for this research.

Since its UK launch in January this year the Soul EV has received a positive response from media and customers for its performance and ability to cope well on both urban and country roads.

Wireless charging technology has the potential to significantly enhance the convenience of electric vehicles – and so increase the appeal and acceptance among consumers – while possibly enabling smaller battery pack sizes and reduced vehicle weight.

The system is being developed by Hyundai-Kia America Technical Center Inc (HATCI) and Mojo Motability Inc – a wireless power technology company, after being awarded a funding grant from the U.S Department of Energy (DOE).

“HATCI is honoured to be selected as a partner with the DOE,” said Dr. Sung Hwan Cho, President, HATCI. “Innovative technologies such as this align well with one of our core goals, which is to create a vehicle experience that is intuitive and easy for the consumer.”

Having already gone through several stages of development, this final phase will use five Soul EV’s to test how wireless technology works in real-world performance, including durability, safety, and performance.

KMA and Mojo Mobility have not yet announced when the system will be available for purchase.