Knowsley Safari moves closer to sustainability goals with Nissan LEAF EV

Knowsley Safari moves closer to sustainability goals with Nissan LEAF EV


Knowsley Safari Park, based in Liverpool, has improved the overall running costs and CO2 emissions of their fleet with the recent addition of a Nissan LEAF electric car.

The Learning and Discovery Team at Knowsley Safari Park has made the switch to the zero-emissions electric car to help meet company environmental and sustainability goals.

The Nissan LEAF will be used to transport two full-time educators and a number of creep crawlies, including snakes and spiders, to schools around the North West. The team racks up around 10,000 miles over a year, educating KS1 and KS2 primary school children on conservation.

The electric car will be powered purely from the attractions own solar panels, which not only cuts running costs to a minimum; it also maximises the reduction of whole life CO2 emissions. In addition to advocating electric transport, the safari park operates other green business initiatives such as a zero-to-landfill policy and recycling rainwater.

Richard Smith, Head of Visitor Services at Knowsley Safari, said: “In many ways the LEAF is the perfect car for us. It’s fantastic.”

“Because we’ve been able to couple our charger to our solar panels there are effectively no running costs and that’s a real advantage.”

“But we also operate in accordance with a strict sustainability plan and in that regard the LEAF is a winner too. It fits very neatly with the overall message the Learning and Discovery Team are delivering at schools across the region.”

Nissan Liverpool General Sales Manager, Mike Thomas, added: “So many other businesses and individuals could be enjoying the environmental and economic benefits of the model as well and I’d encourage them to take a test drive and see how easily it could meet their needs.”

“Even when it’s charged from a domestic socket rather than from solar panels, the LEAF costs just two pence per mile to run and it’s hard to argue with that.”