Mazda launches first EV

Mazda launches first EV


Mazda has revealed its first production EV at the Tokyo Motor Show – the MX-30. A compact crossover is a new model, rather than an added option for an existing badge.

A driving range hasn’t been announced, but the battery pack will be 35.5 kWh so expect something around 130 miles on a single charge. Charging will be via a CCS inlet, with no specs for DC charging – though even 50 kW will see a good top up only take 20 minutes or so. The on-board AC charger is 6.6 kW.

With a smaller battery comes shorter charging times and greater efficiency. Mazda isn’t targeting the likes of Hyundai’s Kona Electric with the MX-30, rather the Mini Electric and Honda e; stylish compact EVs with a range that comfortably exceeds most people’s daily driving needs. It also keeps weight down, so should continue Mazda’s focus on good driving dynamics for its models.

The interior is made from some interesting materials, including cork in the console tray and recycled plastic bottles are used in the door trim. The entire cabin is made of environmentally friendly materials. Access is via a set of centre-opening doors, with conventional front doors complemented by a pair of shorter rear-hinged ones for access to the back.

mazda launches ev mx30