Mercedes plans for EV sub brand

Mercedes plans for EV sub brand


Mercedes is set to launch an EV sub-brand after registering a number of ‘EQ’ model names and slogans reports Auto Express.

The company has long been known to be working on a number of electric vehicles and announced earlier this year a big push in both models and technology. Now, with the new EQ names, it looks like Mercedes will go down the same line as BMW with a separate brand – in BMW’s cars ‘i’.

Names such as EQA – along with many other suffixes – have been registered, as have potential slogans including EQ inside and EQ boost.

The new models are set to be built on a new platform designed specifically for electric vehicles – but based on the same chassis as the C Class, E Class, and S Class. All of these models have plug-in hybrid variants, but the new platform would be tailored more for the fitting of batteries and electric motors.

The move not only puts Mercedes on a more equal footing with BMW, but will also see the firm take on the like of Tesla and forthcoming models from Audi, Porsche, and Jaguar.