Mini and Rolls Royce Vision Next 100 models revealed

Mini and Rolls Royce Vision Next 100 models revealed


As part of BMW’s centenary celebrations, the company’s core brands are creating Vision Next 100 concepts to give people a glimpse into the far off future for BMW Group cars. Following on from the BMW Vision Next 100 then are the Rolls Royce and Mini Vision Next 100s.

Concepts in the truest sense of the word – there is absolutely no intention to put these models into production – the Vision Next 100 concepts aim to highlight the strengths of the respective marques. As such, the Rolls Royce is almost six meters long and is said to ‘epitomise bespoke automotive luxury’. Mini on the other hand offers a ‘completely individualised, permanently available form of urban mobility’.

Obviously both feature electric drivetrains, with the natural characteristics of the motors suiting both ends of the Vision Next 100 spectrum. The nippy and nimble Mini would make the most of instant acceleration, while the silent, smooth and high-torque available would be a perfect match for the Rolls Royce.

Details on the drivetrains have not been given but BMW’s current focus on EVs is well recognised and it is certain that electric motors play a large part in the concepts – and will do so on production models in the future.


The Rolls Royce and Mini both have advanced autonomous drive systems included. The Rolls Royce – code-named 103EX – looks to offer buyers an effortless and driverless experience, wrapped in a ‘Grand Sanctuary’ for their ‘Grand Arrival’.

After dispensing with Parker, the driver can stroll straight into their Rolls Royce as the large door is complemented by a window/cockpit that hinges upwards to make access easier. If you think the sporty design leaves nowhere for luggage, think again, as the huge bonnet has more than enough space for luggage.

The Mini on the other hand is rather more traditional in proportions, and has been designed to meet the brand’s well earned reputation for driving fun. Able to be completely personalised, the Mini Vision Next 100 hints at BMW’s work on mobility services rather than outright ownership.


The autonomous car will be able to pick you up 24 hours a day, and be tailored to suit your style and/or mood thanks to a ‘discreet silver skin’ that acts as a blank canvas. Sustainable materials such as aluminium, Alcantara and recycled plastic, rather than wood and leather, are used inside too, while a ‘Cooperizer’ allows users to change the car’s settings.

The final Vision Next 100 concept due is BMW Motorad’s, due later this year. In the mean time, the three Vision Next 100 models will be going on a world tour.