UK deliveries of the Tesla Model S to start in June

UK deliveries of the Tesla Model S to start in June


Tesla has announced that the first right-hand-drive versions of its Model S are set to arrive in the UK this June

Having launched in North America, China and Europe the Model S will now make its official UK debut.

Elon Musk, CEO and founder of the company, claims that owners will be able travel 300 miles on a single charge. What’s more, next month Tesla will begin installing supercharging stations along an “electric highway” stretching from Dover and Bristol on the M25, and north along the length of the M1.

Superchargers (rated at 120kW of power) will enable Model S owners to gain a 50% charge in approximately 20 minutes adding 130 miles to the cars range. Therefore, it is possible to cover the length of the UK, with just one break in the Model S.

Similar charging networks created by Tesla in America, spanning from Canada to the Mexican border and from the Pacific to Atlantic coasts, have helped make the Model S the third highest-selling luxury car in California.

With OTR prices starting from around £50,000, free use of the supercharging network for life, zero-emissions and a large driving range, the Model S is an excellent choice for those looking at the executive market.

If that hasn’t done enough to persuade of this Model S’s brilliance take a look at this fun comic commentary by The Oatmeal.