Morgan reveals EV3 details

Morgan reveals EV3 details


Specifications of Morgan’s forthcoming EV3 have been announced following its launch at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year. The British manufacturer will be producing the all electric sportscar and has forged a number of partnerships to ensure the three-wheeled sportscar is as good as it can be.

Offering zero-tailpipe emission motoring, the EV3 will use a 46kW electric motor and 20kWh battery pack for propulsion. Considering the likes of VW’s compact e-up! has a 60kW motor, power is not all that great.

However, it doesn’t need to be as the EV3 will weigh less than 500kg, which allows for a quoted 150 mile range and a sub-nine second 0-62mph time.

As part of the Niche Vehicle Network, Morgan has contributed and gained from expertise from a number of different small manufacturers in Britain. The EV3 makes use of these engineering contacts, while Morgan has also partnered with leading electric and hybrid powertrain firm Potenza, based close to Morgan’s Malvern home in Coventry.

Potenza will supply the 120 volt battery, adding the high voltage system to the vehicles at their factory, while the firm has been involved in the development of the EV3 from concept through to production specification.

Finally, the hand-built EV3 is set to go before the UK’s Vehicle Certification Authority, while an announcement is due soon in regards to a partnership with Selfridges department store – drawing on the shared 1909 established date – with a special range of models announced at the EV3’s Geneva launch.