Motorway signs to show charge point sites

Motorway signs to show charge point sites


Electric vehicle (EV) drivers will soon be told which motorway services have charging points by road-side signs. Ecotricity’s rapid chargers are at motorway service stations across the country and will have their company’s logo displayed by the side of the road to help EV drivers know what’s available for them at an up-coming site.

The move will not only aid EV owners but also increase awareness for non-plug-in car drivers, as they will soon see how much of the UK’s motorway network is covered by charging points. The Electric Highway providers have come to an agreement with service station company Roadchef to have the signage include their logo.

Dale Vince, founder of Ecotricity and the Electric Highway, says: “We launched the Electric Highway in 2011 to kickstart the electric car revolution in Britain, and we can see that’s well and truly underway now. There are now over 50,000 electric cars in Britain; that’s more than a tenfold increase in two years, and this exponential growth is reflected in the use of the Electric Highway, which powered 15 million miles of emission free driving last year – all powered from the wind and the sun.”

Ecotricity believes that by 2030 every new car should be electric or a plug-in hybrid, and that by 2040 they should be the only cars on the road.

The first Ecotricity sign appeared at Roadchef’s Sedgemoor services on Tuesday 26th January, with additional signs to be installed at Hamilton and Norton Canes over the coming weeks. Ecotricity signs will soon be installed across all 28 Roadchef motorway locations.