New e-Golf launched in LA

New e-Golf launched in LA


Volkswagen has officially unveiled a new version of the e-Golf, with the all-electric model fitted with a larger capacity battery for longer range.

Launched at the Los Angeles Auto Show, the new quoted range is now 186 miles, thanks primarily to a new battery pack that is almost 50 per cent bigger – up to 35.8 kWh from 24.2 kWh.

The electric motor has also been changed, with power boosted to 134bhp, improving performance and bringing the 0-62mph time down to 9.6 seconds. The changes have apparently not changed the model’s energy consumption figures, with the increased power offset by other improvements.

As with the recently revealed new Golf, this is more a significant mid-life refresh than a completely new model, so engineers have been working with the existing dimensions in a bid to improve range. The e-Golf was already behind rivals such as the Nissan Leaf in terms of driving range, and newer updated models including the BMW i3 and Renault Zoe had pushed the VW even further behind.

The battery upgrade catches the e-Golf back up to the rest of the pack, which is important considering VW’s renewed focus on electric vehicles.

The rest of the changes are similar to the rest of the new Golf range. Tweaked styling creates a sharper and more aerodynamic look, while an impressive package of infotainment system and digital display improve aspects of the e-Golf that were good already.