New Tesla Model Y rival revealed by Fisker

New Tesla Model Y rival revealed by Fisker


Fisker has announced that it will launch a new pure-electric SUV in 2021, powered by an 80 kWh battery with a range of around 300 miles possible from a single charge.

The revealed EV will be one of three new models from the company, with a price of less than $40,000 – and all three pitched at mass-market costs.

Only the above teaser image has been released as yet, and it will use a conventional lithium-ion battery. The company is working on solid-state batteries, which it will look to fit in the EMotion grand tourer, but delays and costs prohibit the new technology from being used in this new model.

Coming less than a week after Tesla’s own sub-$40k electric SUV, the Fisker will have direct competition since the new EV SUV is due for production in 2021.