The New Motion expands network into the UK

NewMotion survey shows shifts in EV usage


EV drivers save around £800 per year by driving an electric vehicle, according to a new survey by EV charging company NewMotion. The survey had almost 7,000 responses from EV drivers across Europe, revealing shifting attitudes in EV ownership.

In the UK, almost 40% of EV drivers believe they save £800 per year over driving a conventionally-powered car. British drivers fared a little better than mainland Europe where 30% of responses thought they saved around £800 (900 euros). That’s up from last year’s survey results of a £500 saving.

Of NewMotion’s surveyed drivers, 62% of respondents drive pure-electric vehicles, with 30% opting for PHEVs. Almost 30% drive their EV more than 70% of the time too, and more than 30% of EV drivers do not own a petrol or diesel powered vehicle to support their electric car. This indicates that a combination of expansion in public charging networks, and increased ranges available from more electric models on the market removes the need for that ‘back-up’ for many.

NewMotion’s survey also indicated that only 10% of EV drivers in Europe charge their car at the workplace, an aspect of EV charging that is growing but is still well behind home and public infrastructure. The UK Government offers a Workplace Charging Scheme grant in parallel to the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme, with money available to subsidise charge point installation at both location types.

Zap-Map’s own surveys show that 20% of EV drivers in the UK have access to a workplace charge point, and while NewMotion’s survey suggests that 27% of EV drivers in Europe charge at public points, Zap-Map puts that figure at 90%. Although Zap-Map is a public charge point mapping service, NewMotion both offers home/work charging, and a public network, so it is fair to say these last results are further apart than expected.