Rolec reaches charge point milestone

Next stores to get Rolec EV charge points


Rolec EV has agreed a partnership with Next, to provide the retail giant with the company’s EV charge points. The deal will see Rolec’s EV Charge Online system installed, which doesn’t require membership fees, and users control the charging process with their smartphone.

More than 55,000 charging points have been made by Rolec EV, including its EV Charge Online, SmartCharge, and StreetCharge systems.

Rolec EV’s Managing Director Kieron Alsop said: “We are delighted that Next have chosen and adopted our philosophy of EV charging. For years I personally have been campaigning that an EV driver should not have to pay membership, subscription and connection fees to a charge point network operator.

“We at Rolec EV have decided to do something about it and have developed our own answer to the issue by developing EV Charge Online, which allows charge points to be installed by anybody in any number. These charge points also instantly become part of a people’s charging network.

“This allows the host, council, business, etc. to set their own tariffs and, while EV Charge Online still manages their charge points for them, ensures they have full visibility and overall control – and no longer have to pay license or connection fees.

“A further positive point about EV Charge Online is that it can be retro-fitted to existing charging points – so if you have an RFID charging network in your town, city or business we can quickly convert them to the new people’s charging network, which works for EV drivers, charge point operators – and the industry as a whole.”