Nissan Leaf electric vehicles introduced to taxi fleet in Nottingham

Nissan Leaf electric vehicles introduced to taxi fleet in Nottingham


DG Cars has become the first taxi firm in Nottingham to add electric cars to their vehicle line-up.

The company has purchased six Nissan LEAFs, with the view of adding more if the electric taxis prove popular with passengers.

The Nissan LEAF has an approximate range of 124 miles off a full charge, depending on driving style, and benefits the environment with zero tailpipe emissions. Moreover, travelling by electric taxi will ensure a much quieter and smoother ride than a conventionally powered vehicle.

The Nottingham taxi company sees electric cars as a future investment, which will recoup the extra initial outlay in the long-term.

Amjid Javad, managing director of the taxi company, said: “They do cost more – but having electric cars is not something we have done to make money in the first year, it’s something that will be good for business in years to come.

“Electric cars haven’t really taken off yet, but when they do, we will be at the forefront.

“And being green is important to us – so we had this idea just after Christmas of using electric cars and now they’re ready. Customers will be able to choose to have an electric taxi and if we’ve got it, we’ll provide it.”

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DG Cars is now one of a number of taxi firms making the switch towards electric vehicles. Zap-Map reported recently on eConnect cars; a 100% electric taxi fleet operating in London. Interestingly, the Nissan LEAF seems to be the EV of choice for taxi fleets.

Richard Manterfield, Corportate Sales Manager for Nissan, commented: “We are seeing sales of the Leaf pick up and electric cars will continue to be popular.

“It’s ideal for journeys that taxis will make and looking after the environment is important.”

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