Nissan to reveal new Teatro for Dayz EV concept at Tokyo Motor Show

Nissan to reveal new Teatro for Dayz EV concept at Tokyo Motor Show


Nissan has announced details of a new all-electric concept that is aimed at the “digital native generation”.

“Call it a vehicle. Call it a hi-tech device. Call it the lifestyle driver of the future.”

This new all-electric concept aims to tear apart standardised and traditional notions of what a car is supposed to be. It’s a vision that is unfamiliar and extremely exciting.

According to Nissan’s Product Planning General Manager Hidemi Sasaki, “The generation now getting their first driver’s licenses has always been connected through digital devices, email, social media and so forth. What moves these digital natives is capturing experiences in photos and videos and sharing them. Friends respond with ‘likes’ and share the experience further. What’s important is not whether something is experienced personally or virtually. What matters is the process of sharing.”

Sasaki calls this generation “share natives.” For share natives, excitement comes not from ownership of material objects, but from using things to connect with friends and share enjoyment.

Sasaki says: “What share natives want from cars is not the joy of driving or their own private space, but a better way to connect with friends and share experiences.”

EV technology is a must for this generation. “Share natives are already accustomed to recharging their devices at home, so EVs fit their lifestyles far better than cars that require regular visits to a gas station.” With a driving range ample for short commutes, Teatro for Dayz can serve as a giant mobile battery, which can be used anywhere to recharge mobile devices.

“Share natives” might not be something that any of us will be adding to our vocabulary any time soon, but it is hard to deny Nissan’s vision and forward-thinking ideas.

The younger generation are so used to a connected world that it seems only natural that cars must cater to a higher-level of connectivity.