Pentillie Castle signs up to Tesla Destination charging

Pentillie Castle signs up to Tesla Destination charging


Tesla and the Pentillie Estate have teamed up as one of the UK’s first locations to be home to a Tesla Destination charger. Located in Cornwall, Pentillie Castle joins a rapidly growing list of Destination charge locations, with the service recently launched in Europe.

Just like Tesla’s Supercharger network, the Destination charger service provides free charging to Tesla owners at key locations around the country. Not as fast as the Supercharger network – which runs at 120kW for 120 miles worth of charge in 30 minutes (approx) – the Destination chargers are typically 22 kW units which are able to recharge the Model S in a few hours.

This suits the type of location Destination chargers are situated at, with points at B&Bs and hotels such as Pentillie Castle, restaurants and shopping centres – places where drivers are likely to spend a few hours while their car charges.

Points are shown on Tesla’s webpage and on the in-car browser, which gets regularly updated wirelessly to keep the information current.

Ted Coryton of Pentillie Castle said: “Pentillie is constantly striving to find new ways to enhance their guests experience particularly when an improved experience also supports green initiatives.”

Pentillie Castle is the most southerly Tesla charger in the UK in a service that reached westwards to Newquay, as far east as Great Yarmouth, and reaches the north west coast of Scotland.