Peugeot reveals sporty plug-in hybrid concept

Peugeot reveals sporty plug-in hybrid concept


Peugeot has unveiled a new plug-in hybrid version of it’s award-winning 308 hatchback with a combined 500bhp and four-wheel drive, it utilises two electric motors to achieve a resepctable 70g/km CO2 emissions.

The new PHEV concept from Peugeot, named the 308 R Hybrid, is capable of hitting 62mph just in 4.0 seconds, although is “greener” than many cars on the road thanks to its plug-in hybrid drivetrain.

At the heart of the 308 R HYbrid is an astounding technical innovation – a plug-in powertrain with four-wheel drive. It combines a four-cylinder 1.6-litre petrol engine, plus two electric motors – each with power of 85kW/115hp – to achieve an overall 500bhp. The result is a family hatchback which is capable of supercar performance.

The car is equipped with regenerative braking and will also be capable of recharging it’s battery in just 45 minutes at a fast charging point.

Peugeot have not yet revealed when this is likely to reach production.