Plans for eDub Trips to electrify camping holidays

Plans for eDub Trips to electrify camping holidays


Electric vehicle firm eDub Trips has set up a Kickstarter campaign to help develop its converted classic camper vans. The company has created a prototype model – called ‘Indie’ – which is available for people to hire and take on a zero-emission camper van holiday.

Aiming to raise at least £50,000, eDub Trips has plans to build more eDubs with a range of 100+ miles, rapid charging capability, and hubs in every national park in the UK. A complete overhaul of the camper van includes not only the drivetrain – removing the old VW engine and replacing it with batteries and an electric motor – but also a refresh of the camper’s interior.

The new motor makes the camper much quicker too, with 0-30mph covered in eight seconds, while an ‘eco’ switch improves energy use. Inside, there is space to sleep four adults alongside a dual hob, sink and fridge. The eDub can be recharged from camping site electric hook-ups for overnight charging, though can also be plugged in to many public EV charge points.

Converting the 70’s camper van has involved a mother and son team of Gilly and Kit Lacey. Gilly has a PHD in Lithium Ion battery degradation and Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) applications.

The company will convert camper vans for customers, and is looking to expand its holiday lettings business. Currently Indie is based in the company’s home in North Yorkshire, but there are plans in place to work with National Parks across the UK to have hubs located in each, allowing customers to pick up the electric campers in holiday destinations and travel about in the area tailpipe emission free, with low running costs.

For anyone interested in supporting the company on Kickstarter can find the link here. Alternatively, to book the all-electric Indie camper van, find out more about both the vehicle and the company at eDub Trips’ website.

Zap-Map caught up with eDub Trips at the ElectrAA Electric Vehicle Show in Malvern the first weekend of September.