Polestar launches referral programme

Polestar launches referral programme


Polestar has rolled out a customer referral programme in a number of countries around the world, including the United Kingdom.

The programme is available in certain European countries, South Korea, and North America as well, and applies to all new vehicle purchase models.

Existing customers can generate a unique referral code in their Polestar account, which can then be shared and linked to a new customer’s account before placing their order.

On completion of purchase, the new customer will then receive charging credits for a local public charging supplier to the value of 100 euros. It is not yet clear which charging network UK customers will receive credits for, or whether the credits will be simply switched to £100, or converted, which at the current rate would be around £85.

Existing customers will be eligible for several rewards depending on their tier, including a Houdini Power Houdi – as worn by Polestar crew – charging credits, and a unique design sketch created by one of Polestar’s designers.

Thomas Ingenlath, Polestar CEO, said: “The greatest advocates of EV adoption are our customers. They are the foundation of the Polestar community, becoming brand ambassadors with great enthusiasm. We deeply value their ongoing commitment to the brand and want to reward them in creative ways.

“The original design sketch idea is really special, each one being drawn on paper by one of our artful Polestar designers. We are being thoughtful about this – we could easily take the popular NFT route and make bespoke digital artworks, but will wait until there is a real, environmentally-friendly benefit to using NFTs.

“Given their questionable sustainability credentials and our desire to make each sketch something tangible that might be mounted in a special place, we intend to deliver real sketches instead.”