Postal service gets more than 200 EV vans

Postal service gets more than 200 EV vans


Renault has just delivered more than 200 Kangoo Z.E.s to Posten – the Norwegian postal service – to help the firm reduce its carbon emissions. The 240 vans wil be used primarily in towns and cities for normal delivery duties.

With an official range of 106 miles, Renault estimates the Kangoo Z.E. vans can cover between 53 and 84 miles depending on temperature, driving contidions and terrain. With the extremely cold winters in Norway, the lower end of that range will be seen quite often.

Nonetheless, Posten believes that the Kangoo Z.E. can cope with what is expected of it and has vast experience in electric vehicle (EV) logistics. The company already had a fleet of 900 EVs including cars, bikes, quardicycles and trailers – and now has more than 1,100 EVs in use.

Posten is aiming ar a 40 per cent reduction in CO2 emissions by 2020 which, considering that the postal service accounts for one per cent of all Nowray’s CO2 emissions, will make quite a difference to the conntry as a whole.

Norway’s EV market share is a long way ahead of any other country in the world and has benefits including zero VAT and road tax, no parking fees, road tolls or ferry charges, and EV owners are able to drive in bus lanes with them – all promoting ownership.