Tesla updates Model S and Model X

Price rises for Tesla Superchargers


Tesla has increased its pricing for use of the manufacturer’s Supercharger ultra-rapid points. The cost per kWh is now 27p, up from the previous 20p/kWh.

Those customers that receive free Supercharging are unaffected, and many buyers will still have 400 kWh of Supercharging credits before charger costs start.

The move comes about as part of a wide-reaching increase in prices, with Europe – including Ireland – costs also raised.

Tesla has said: “We’re adjusting Supercharging pricing to better reflect differences in local electricity costs and site usage. As our fleet grows, we continue to open new Supercharger locations weekly so more drivers can travel long distances at a fraction of the cost of gasoline and with zero emissions. As has always been the case, Supercharging is not meant to be a profit centre for Tesla.”

The move is expected to see revenue generated from Supercharger use reinvested to expand the network, with plans to double the more than 12,000 Supercharger devices currently installed in 2019.

Buyers that ordered their model after November 2018 no longer get 400 kWh of Supercharging for free, and Tesla has ended its free Supercharger use for referral customers.

The Supercharging network remains a key draw for Tesla drivers though, with access to ultra-rapid chargers requiring no access type other than the car, and available worldwide. It also currently remains the fastest way to charge an EV, until other networks start installing 150+ kW chargers.