Range details announced for Honda e

Range details announced for Honda e


Battery details have been announced for the forthcoming Honda e pure-electric citycar, with a 35.5 kWh battery giving drivers a range of 125 miles on a single charge.

The Honda e is focusing on urban travel and an enjoyable driving experience. The relatively low range – by current mass-market standards – is tempered by the fact that the Honda e is designed primarily for travel around towns and cities, where a 100+ mile range is often ample.

For driving enjoyment, Honda has confirmed that the e will be rear-wheel drive, opening up the front end for a tight turning circle. Elements throughout are made from aluminium, including parts of the suspension, to improve performance and efficiency.

Short-overhangs, four-wheel independent suspension, and 50:50 weight distribution with a low centre of gravity add up to important elements when considering how Honda intends the e to be a fun to drive citycar.

To charge, the Honda a will have a Type 2 CCS inlet, with a top-up on a 50 kW charger taking around half an hour to 80%. The battery will be water-cooled to make sure it remains in the optimum temperature, even with repeated rapid charging.

The charge point is behind a glass panel in the bonnet, where there will be a quick-glance charge indicator. Honda reckons that a central charging port makes for easier use from drivers, rather than having a charging port to one side.

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