Children in LEGOLAND cars

RAW charge points go live at LEGOLAND Windsor Resort

Nic Ryan

Following the announcement from Merlin Entertainments that RAW Charging was to become its official charging partner across the UK, 19  RAW charge points with 38 connectors have now gone live at LEGOLAND Windsor Resort.

36 electric vehicles are able to charge simultaneously via the 22kW charge points, and are available for use to the public in the ​theme park car park as well as the guest hotel. A 22kW charge point with two connectors has also been installed for staff use in the staff car park.

All of the new EV charge points are untethered, so require users to bring their own charging cable.

“Offering EV charging to our guests through our partnership with RAW Charging is exactly what we as an organisation should be doing to help make lower emission solutions accessible for the public,” commented Dare Ilori, Group Sustainability Director at Merlin Entertainments.

“Sustainability sits at the heart of Merlin Entertainments and as we continually grow and expand our attractions, we know that reducing carbon emissions is the right thing to do to protect our planet.

“We’re making headway in reducing our annual worldwide carbon emissions and by taking steps like this in installing EV charging hubs across the UK, we are taking action to help pave the way for a greener future and adding to the experience for our guests each year.”


RAW charging shares a live data partnership with Zapmap, meaning that the users of the Zapmap app and web map are able to view live status and availability information of all RAW Charging points at any time, making planning for charging even easier.