Real-time charge point parking system developed

Real-time charge point parking system developed


German electric mobility company Hubject is showing off a new technology at the E-World Energy and Water exhibition in Essen, Germany, that can detect when car’s are parked in front of charging points and share that information in real-time.

Hubject operates an E-Roaming electric vehicle (EV) charging platform on the continent and has integrated sensors into the partner network charge points that can detect when a car is parked in front of it. These sensors can also determine whether the vehicle is electric or not, and display this information on maps.

EV drivers can then decide whether or not to try and park at that location, depending on whether the point is likely to be available at all, in a short time or whether it has been blocked for a while.

Christian Hahn, CEO at Hubject GmbH, said: “We put ourselves in the position of EV drivers as we develop innovations and design our solutions to enhance the customer-friendliness of the charging process for electric vehicles. Occupied parking spaces in front of otherwise available charging stations are a well-known problem for all drivers of electric vehicles. Hubject has now solved this problem.”

The charging point operators within the network can share the parking data with other network providers within the Hubject network to provide a better customer service for EV drivers. Although Hubject down not operate in the UK currently, the fact that the technology is being developed and trialled in practical applications could see something similar make its way to Britain.

Image courtesy of Chargemaster