Renault enters smart home energy market

Renault enters smart home energy market


Renault has launched a smart energy system, which looks to make use of second-life EV batteries for domestic and commercial energy storage.

Partnering with Powervault, the system will undergo trials with customers who already have solar panels installed. A total of 50 units will be involved in the trial, which will involve eligible M&S Energy customers along with social housing tenants and schools in the South East.

The system stores energy generated by the solar panels for use when the demand is greatest. It also allows owners to charge from the grid at off-peak rates, for use during peak times.

Powervault will use batteries that have come to the end of their usable EV life from Renault, as the French manufacturer enters the home energy storage market like its group partner Nissan, and other plug-in manufacturers Tesla, BMW, and Mercedes Benz.

Nicolas Schottey, Program Director, EV batteries and infrastructures at Renault, said: “Thanks to this home energy storage partnership with Powervault, Renault is adding a new element into its global strategy for second life batteries, which already covers a large number of usages from industrial to residential building and districts.

“The second life use not only gives additional life to electric vehicle batteries before they are recycled, but also allow consumers to save money. It’s a win-win-win: for EV owners, home-owners and the planet.”

Joe Warren, Managing Director of Powervault, said: “The collaboration we are announcing today with these two household name brands – Renault and M&S – is an important milestone on our journey towards achieving mainstream adoption of home energy storage.

“Homeowners and brands are now looking to benefit from the smart power revolution. It’s only a matter of time before a Powervault becomes as common in [UK] households as a dishwasher.”

An EV battery typically lasts 8-10 years depending on usage, but once they are classed as useless for electric vehicle use, there is still plenty of capacity available to be benefited from in other applications.

The trial will begin in July 2017 and last 12 months.The units will be divided between M&S Energy customers, Hyde residents, and social housing and schools in the Royal Borough of Greenwich. M&S Energy will contact eligible customers to discuss participation.