New study shows a demand for electric cars from prestige car owners

New study shows a demand for electric cars from prestige car owners


A recent survey, by, has revealed that 40% of existing prestige car owners said they would buy an electric car or at least seriously consider it, if more premium sector electric vehicles (EVs) were available.

The study asked 24,227 luxury car owners the following question: “All other things being equal (price, style, options and performance), would you consider buying a totally electric Jaguar/BMW/ Mercedes/Audi with a range of 300 miles from one charge?”

The results (below) suggest that attitudes are beginning to shift in favor of EVs and that as long as the vehicle offers ample range, a large percentage of buyers would invest in the technology.

This positive response must in part be accredited to Tesla, who has shown the market that a high performing, premium EV with a 300 mile range is achievable. Recently, Tesla opened up its patents and encouraged competitors to work with Tesla in expanding the electric vehicle market.

Out of the European brands, BMW is certainly the one most committed to providing an electric range for its customers. It has invested heavily in BMWi as a separate brand that now has two cars the i3 and i8 on its roster. They are, nevertheless, yet to offer an all-electric vehicle that could challenge the Model S for range and performance.

Tesla has proved a 300 mile range is within the grasp of premium brands; what’s more, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, is willing to share the technology that makes this possible. BMW entered talks with Tesla immediately after Mr Musk scrapped all Tesla patents, which tempts speculation on a future collaboration.

What is for certain is that there is demand from prestige car owners and thanks to Tesla, manufacturers now have the tools to cater to this demand. Who will take advantage of this opportunity is still in the balance.