San Francisco invests in solar EV charging technology

San Francisco invests in solar EV charging technology


San Francisco has made electric vehicles an even greener and more sustainable form of transport by commissioning the installation of three solar EV charging stations.

Although, battery electric vehicles themselves offer zero-tailpipe emissions, the electricity that they run on is often not so “green” when generated by coal-fired power plants.

However, San Francisco has set out to show there is a 100% renewable alternative to recharging an EV battery.

Three free-to-use, solar EV charging stations will be installed around the city and offer electricity to vehicles that has been generated entirely by the sun.

Envision Solar, the company who built the solar charge point, told CNET that the solar panels are the most efficient available, with solar energy conversion in the “high teens.” Each charge point generates 3.3 kilowatts of electricity and includes a lithium ion battery pack module that stores 22.5 kilowatt-hours of electricity.

These charging points offer a more environmentally friendly way to recharge your EV, which will appeal to the eco-warriors out there.

Due to there size, cost and slow charge rate they are unlikely to be adopted on a mass-scale at this stage, yet it is undeniably a positive step towards securing a sustainable future.