SAT launches first EV driver training programme

SAT launches first EV driver training programme


The first electric vehicle specific driver training programme has been launched this week to coincide with Road Safety Week. The Electric Vehicle Defensive Driver Education Programme is the first in the world to be accredited by the International Association for Driver Education (IVV) and Diamond, a government accredited advanced driver programme.

Run by Manchester-based Strategic Analytics Team (SAT), the course aims to educate business owners and employees on how to get the best out of their EV. The programme looks at both safer driving techniques and procedures, and improving the user’s EV driving techniques.

Paul Jorgensen, Founder and Senior Partner at SAT, said: “I am proud to launch the world’s first IVV Diamond accredited Electric Vehicle Defensive Driver Education Programme. This education programme is not just about the impact it has on the safety of the driver, other road users and pedestrians, but also about reducing the levels of energy consumption, which will help the environment.

“National Road Safety Week in the UK is an important time for us to remember and recognise why we embark on driver education programs. There are thousands of needless injuries and deaths on the roads, not just in the UK but around the world. Globally some 1.3 million people die on the road every year and up to 50 million suffer injuries. In addition to this is the personal impact on families and loved ones and we at Strategic Analytics Team consider that very carefully when formulating our driver education programs.”

Dave Nichols, Community Engagement Manager for road safety charity Brake, said: “We’re delighted Strategic Analytics Team is getting involved with Road Safety Week and strengthening Brake’s campaign for safer roads. Brake supports a vision zero approach, which places the emphasis on systems to save lives and the planet, such as 20mph limits in towns and segregated routes for people on foot and bicycles.

“We know it is challenging to change road users’ behaviour and humans make mistakes and some knowingly take risks. However, the deaths and injuries are happening right now, this week, and everyone can do their bit today by spreading awareness of the vital importance of the Pledge rules: slow down; never drink or take drugs or use a mobile when driving; always wear a seat belt; get eyesight tested; and minimise driving.”