Solar charging station at BMW Welt begins Operation

Solar charging station at BMW Welt begins Operation


The first model of the solar charging station Point.One S has just begun operation right next to the entrance of BMW Welt in Munich.

The construction was designed, developed and manufactured by EIGHT GmbH & Co on behalf of the national e-mobility initiative. During this extensive project which consists of many different activities EIGHT joined forces with enterprises like ABB, BMW Group, Deutsche Bahn and RWE as well as with several well known universities.

The solar charging station Point.One S from EIGHT has been developed especially for this popular location and forms a valuable unity of design and function. Therefore the construction incorporates several key elements of the spectacular architecture of BMW Welt.

The unification of renewable energy and electric mobility enabled by a design, which has become a reality by using sustainable technologies, makes the solar charging station a visible symbol for environmentally friendly e-mobility.

Christoph Roessner, Managing Director of EIGHT said: “The project was very useful for all partners who have made huge progress and gained a lot of valuable insights. In my opinion it is crucial to establish an electric powered mobility which basis on renewable sources. That is why we need projects that show people what is already possible.”

The new sustainable manufacturing system was also developed by EIGHT and keeps materials and energy consumption to a minimum. By combining this manufacturing system with a parametric digital product planning EIGHT is able to create individual shapes and unique designs that correspond with the corporate design and brand language of any customer.

In addition the solar charging stations, which correspond with the layout of any environment, can be manufactured in time, cost and material efficient way. The solar canopy integrates perfectly with the architecture of BMW Welt which creates a breath-taking effect on all visitors.

EIGHT has developed a LED-based illumination concept that supports the interaction between the station and the user. When the car is approaching the station the level of the lights is changing and by changing the colour the station can indicate from a distance whether it is booked, occupied or available for charging.

The second level of interaction is a user-interface that relies on an interactive touch screen. This terminal allows the identification of the user and the choice of the charging strategy.