Spark EV launches AI fleet telematics system

Spark EV launches AI fleet telematics system


Spark EV has launched its new artificial intelligence-based telematics system, designed to help fleets make the move over to electric vehicles (EVs).

The plug-and-play system and accompanying smartphone app uses AI algorithms to predict journeys for EVs based on live data, previous trips, and charge point locations. The results have seen up to a 20% increase in journeys completed.

Drivers and fleet managers enter their trip information via the app, Spark EV’s website, or existing fleet management software, and the system will advise whether they will be able to complete the journey.

This reasurres drivers and fleet managers that planned trips are able to be completed, potentially increasing the number of trips by 2.8 journeys per day. The system is able to allow managers to add extra drop-offs or journeys to routes, based on how much charge is remaining.

Justin Ott, CEO, Spark EV Technology, said: “Fleet managers understand that the future increasingly revolves around electric vehicles, due to new legislation coming into force around the world, a move away from diesel and rapid growth in EV sales.

“However, existing methods of predicting range between charges are not accurate enough for fleet use, leading to range anxiety and a consequent drop in productivity as managers cut back the number of journeys to avoid potentially running out of power.

“Spark EV increases productivity through more accurate predictions that enable 20% more journeys between charges, enabling EVs to deliver greater efficiency for businesses, while meeting tightening emissions legislation.”

Based in Cambridge, the British-firm provides data through a monthly subscription model, and can either integrate with existing management systems through its open API, or can be used as a standalone solution for smaller fleets.