Assortment of EVs

EV choices surge in Britain's new-car market

Nic Ryan

The options for electric vehicles (EVs) in Britain have quadrupled in the last five years, helping to support the transition to zero emission; there are now more than 80 electric vehicle options available across every vehicle segment, compared with just 21 in 2018.

Every class of vehicle now available as an electric option - from super small urban commuter run-arounds to family cars and luxury saloons.

This increase in variety has contributed to the now more than three quarters of a million drivers to make the switch to electric, with new EV registrations up by more than a quarter (25.6%) from this time last year.

Improvements in battery technology has also caused an increase in driver confidence to buy EVs, the average distance an electric car can travel on a single charge is now 236 miles, while for new models coming to the market for the first time in 2023, it is almost 300 miles. 

More than 50 models of zero emission trucks, vans and buses are also available, which include 23 models of electric van, 14 models of zero emission buses powered by electric or hydrogen, and even 20 models of electric truck now available in the UK as the nation heads towards 2035, which will see the end of sale of all non-zero emission vehicles weighing less than 26 tonnes.


Image credit: SMMT

Image credit: SMMT

The UK government has already committed more than £2 billion towards increasing public charge point provision to provide on-street residential charging to those without driveways or the option to have a home charger.

Support is being sought for a fair and forward-thinking Vehicle Excise Duty regime to make EV charging pricing fairer -  a fiscal framework that supports company drivers and other incentives for private purchasers and, by reducing the VAT at public charge points so that it is the same as charging at home.

“Britain’s drivers are benefitting from the massive investment made by manufacturers over many years to deliver an electric car choice for every need,” said Mike Hawes, SMMT Chief Executive.

“With infrastructure provision accelerated ahead of need, the UK can have a healthy, vibrant market, with ever more model choice to keep the UK as a world leader in net zero transport.”