Tesla Supercharger Network sees installation of 100th unit

Tesla Supercharger Network sees installation of 100th unit


The number of Tesla Supercharger stations has reached the 100 mark, with 86 in North America, 17 in Europe and two in China, following the most recent installation in Hamilton, New Jersey.

In 2012 Elon Musk, the CEO and founder of Tesla motors, started the process of building a multi-national network of Superchargers that would mean Tesla owners will always be within 100 miles of a station. With the 100th station now installed and a switch in focus to Europe this vision is fast becoming a reality.

The Supercharger network already supports road trips on well-travelled routes throughout Europe. With plans to double their charging infrastructure in Europe by the end of the year, the electric car company infers that reaching a century of Superchargers is only the beginning.

Yesterday, Zap-Map reported that the first deliveries of theTesla Model S would be arriving in June and that Tesla plan to couple this with the installation of Superchargers nationwide. The map below shows that Superchargers are forecast to cover much of the South of England by Winter 2014/2015.

Tesla’s Supercharger is rated at 120kW of power, more than double what a conventional Rapid (50kW) can offer. This allows owners to gain a 50% charge in 20 minutes adding 130 miles to the cars already impressive 300 mile range.

With the Supercharger, Elon Musk and Tesla are hoping to eliminate “range anxiety” that is often linked to. By the end of the year it is conceivable that Model S drivers could travel the length of the country with only a single 20 minute break to recharge.