Tesla launches Destination Charging in Europe

Tesla launches Destination Charging in Europe


Tesla has rolled out its Destination Charging network across Europe with the first round of partners confirmed. The scheme sees Tesla work with locations such as hotels, restaurants and shops to offer charge points for Model S and Model X owners.

Destination Charging adds to Tesla’s Supercharger network and looks to strategically place charge points at locations where drivers can plug in while they are dining for example, or during an overnight stay at a hotel.

Tesla provides a couple of charge points free of charge and adds the location to the database so that it shows up on the car’s navigation system. This benefits the business by encouraging Tesla drivers to visit the location, while also filling in potential gaps in Tesla’s charging network.

For example, there are two locations on the East Anglian coast, two in Wales, one on the north-west coast of Scotland, and two in Cornwall, which stretch the Tesla charging network into locations where there are no Superchargers present.

The first stage of the European launch includes 14 countries across western and northern Europe and locations typically offer 22 kW chargers on site. Find out more at the Tesla Motors Destination Charging page.