Tesla updates Model S and Model X

Tesla updates Model S and Model X


Tesla has rolled out a series of upgrades for its Model S and Model X ranges, which include an increase in range by more than 10%, improved power and torque figures, and new adaptive suspension.

Newly built models in the saloon and SUV line-up now see an estimated WLTP range of up to 375 miles for the Model S Long Range, and 315 miles for the Model X Long Range.

The 100 kWh batter for both models remains the same as before, with the increase in range coming from a new drivetrain design. The revised electric motors also increase power and torque available to the driver, improving acceleration, though these new figures are not currently available.

Faster charging capabilities have been added, increasing the charging speeds to up to 200 kW on the latest V3 Superchargers, and 145 kW on the current V2 Superchargers. Improvements enable customers to recharge up to 50% faster according to Tesla.

The new fully adaptive suspension has been designed to provide an ‘ultra-cushioned’ feel when cruising at motorway speeds, and added responsiveness when in dynamic mode. A predictive model has been designed in-house to anticipate how the damping adjusts, based on road, speed, and other driver & vehicle inputs.

Tesla has improved the levelling systems to keep the car low when at speed, reducing aerodynamic drag. The suspension system can receive over-the-air updates, meaning the system can be improved further in future.

Other improvements have seen new wheel bearings and tyres fitted to increase range and refinement, while Tesla is bringing back an entry level Standard Range model, which starts the Model S line-up at £72,550, and the Model X Standard Range model starts at £76,550 – both including the UK Plug-in Car Grant. The former has an estimated WLTP range of 280 miles on a single, and the latter at 230 miles.

Existing Model S and Model X customers who are looking to buy a new Performance version of either model will be offered the Ludicrous Mode upgrade free of charge.

The revisions are already being added to models on the production line, with new orders benefiting from the upgrades.