The New Motion expands network into the UK

The New Motion expands network into the UK


Charge point provider The New Motion has expanded its network into the UK, bringing with it experience from many years worth of experience from the Netherlands.

The Dutch firm has more than 30,000 charge points in Europe, with 75,000 registered users, and plans to use these foundations to make an impact in the UK.

With new car sales in Britain currently around 1.5 per cent of total vehicles sold, the UK’s plug-in car market is going strongly but lags behind the likes of Norway and Holland. The New Motion considers that the market here is around 3-5 years behind that of those countries and can use its experience there to iron out infrastructure problems on these shores.

The New Motion provides charging points for domestic and business use, and also operates a back-end management and payment system. Although the company is looking to expand its own network into the UK, it has also partnered with Charge Your Car to have an immediate presence here.