Three-wheel SAM EV benefits from ElectroSymph adaptor

Three-wheel SAM EV benefits from ElectroSymph adaptor


Symphony EV has helped a pioneering EV user charge more easily with its ElectroSymph adaptor. Simon Bailey, an ultra light vehicle university researcher, has been testing a SAM EV – Sustainable Automotive Mobility – and was looking for a way to improve the number of charging points available for the three-wheel electric vehicle.

The ElectroSymph unit allows drivers of EVs that normally only charge with a conventional three-pin plug to use Type 2 charge points – making recharging their vehicle on public networks far easier. The SAM vehicle, like Renault’s Twizy and the G-Wiz, isn’t normally able to use conventional Type 2 public charging points, but the ElectroSymph changes that.

Simon’s SAM is the first model on UK roads. Sitting in a gap between car and motorcycle, the SAM is more commonly classed as the latter thanks to having one less wheel than the Twizy – a quadricycle. As such, it has a number of benefits such as being able to use bus lanes (when marked as allowing motorcycle use) for example.


However, the SAM includes full-side windows, windscreen, two seats, and ample room for tall drivers, so is easily usable as a compact and lightweight runabout. Designed in Switzerland and manufactured in Poland, the SAM is available to buy for UK use, but needs a couple of conversions to headlights and speedometer to make it road legal on these shores. In time, the factory is looking to implement these as a UK option, but currently this needs to be done by the customer.

Those drivers get a vehicle that weighs 500kg including the battery. This lack of weight means that a 7 kWh lithium polymer batter and 11.6 kW electric motor are good enough to see a 0-31mph time of seven seconds, a top speed of 56mph, and quoted range of 50-60 miles on a single charge.

Designed to have a low environmental impact, the SAM’s bodywork needs no paint as it is made from plastic and manufactured from just four parts. Zero-tailpipe emissions and a small battery mean that driving and charging make efficient use of energy.

To find out more about the vehicle, visit the SAM website here.


Photos courtesy of Simon Bailey