Tonik Energy launches Charge EV tariff

Tonik Energy launches Charge EV tariff


Tonik Energy has launched a new tariff designed for EV drivers – Charge EV – offering customers 1,200 free miles each year, reduced costs for a home charge point, and 100% renewable electricity as some of the benefits.

The Charge EV tariff is available as a Standard or Economy 7 rate, and includes a £40 discount on an EO Mini charge point. Other incentives include a pair of three-day tickets to next year’s Fully Charged Live show in June – worth £70 – and the energy is the greenest on offer from Tonik.

Alongside 100% renewable electricity, 10% of gas usage is green gas, and the remaining 90% is offset carbon. The tariff also offers 3% interest on account credits, and no exit fees.

The free mileage is credited to the account, divided into 600 miles’ worth of credit every six months. The EO charge point will be installed by The Phoenix Works should customers opt to take up the offer, and Fully Charged tickets will go to the first 250 customers to sign up for the new Charge EV tariff.

Steve Springett, Tonik product director, said: “It’s really encouraging to see the increase in the popularity of EVs, it demonstrates that people are not just engaging with the bigger environmental picture, they are actively looking to be part of it.

“We want to support people who make greener choices, and our EV tariff not only does this, but it also rewards them for choosing an EV in the first place.

“We are committed to increasing the uptake of renewable energy in the UK, and we want our members to be part of a cleaner, greener future sooner. But to be able to do this, we need to make these greener choices as accessible and affordable as possible . . . to everyone.

“We want to reward those people who are currently driving EVs, by offering them additional benefits like miles credits, discounted EV chargers and event tickets; but we also want to make driving electric cars as easy as possible, so more people do it!”

For further information on the Tonik Energy Charge EV tariff, visit the company’s website.

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