Tonik smart energy bundle splits out EV charging costs

Tonik smart energy bundle splits out EV charging costs


Tonik Energy has launched Home & Smart EV, the UK’s first electric vehicle and domestic energy bundle that separates out a rate specifically for charging the EV.

Using a smart home charge point, Tonik Energy’s tariff sees customers charged a different rate for charging their car, as opposed to general home electricity usage.

Headline figures see customers able to charge enough for 8,000 of driving for only £80 – based on a Tesla Model 3, and Tonik’s overnight EV charging tariff at 4.17 p/kWh. Overnight charging rates apply from midnight to 7:00 am.

Tonik uses the data from the smart EV charge point to make sure that customers pay the separate EV rate, which is reflected as credit on their home energy bill.

Chris Russell, CEO of Tonik Energy, said: “We designed Home and Smart EV to meet the needs of UK households who are increasingly making the switch to EV.

“We know that those switching to EV often consider where they could charge when they are out and about, but may think late on, or not enough about their home charging choices. EVs now have longer battery range, so most of the charging will be done at home – the home replaces the petrol forecourt, and it is important to get the right charger to manage charging and minimise costs.”

The bundle includes charge point installation, with a range of units available from the likes of EO, myenergi, and Ohme. Tonik Energy supplies 100% renewable electricity.

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