A chance to improve your experience of public charging – with Transport Focus

A chance to improve your experience of public charging – with Transport Focus

Olly Goodall

We’re working with independent watchdog Transport Focus on an influential new survey that examines what it’s like to use public charging points for electric vehicles.

As the independent voice of those who use England’s motorways and major A roads, Transport Focus puts the interests of transport users first and aims to get the best deal for road users.

In this instance, Transport Focus is looking to hear about your experiences when charging your vehicle near services on motorways or major A roads.

The survey results will inform the organisation’s work with the government, charge point operators and others to improve the consumer experience of charging an EV.


How do you take the survey?

When using the Zapmap app, you might see an invitation to take part in the survey.

The survey will pop up at selected public charging points when you check in using Zapmap. 

Of course, the survey is completely optional, but do look out for it and – whether your charge goes well or not so well – please detail your experience of using the charger in the survey from Transport Focus.

“As EVs increasingly enter the mainstream, it’s crucial that collectively we make public charging as simple and reliable as possible,” said Melanie Shufflebotham, Co-founder & COO at Zapmap.

“This survey from Transport Focus offers a robust way to determine how, why and where charge points are working for EV drivers – and of course where they are not doing so.

“I’d encourage all Zapmap users to fill in this survey because it’s a fantastic chance to improve your experience of public charging and make sure the voices of EV drivers are heard loud and clear.”


More about Transport Focus

With a strong emphasis on evidence-based campaigning and research, Transport Focus is concerned with what is happening on the ground. This knowledge is used to influence decisions on behalf of passengers and road users to secure improvements and make a difference.

“As more and more people use electric vehicles, it’s important to focus on improving the experience of charging up,” said Anthony Smith, Chief Executive at Transport Focus.

“By benchmarking experience site to site, and between different charge point providers, we will help drive up standards both in the short and longer term.”

We hope you can take part!