Ubitricity lamp post charger

ubitricity reaches 7000th charge point milestone

Nic Ryan

ubitricity has announced the successful installation of its 7,000th charge point in the UK, thanks in part to a number of recent contract awards including the Cities of Westminster and Liverpool, North Lincolnshire, and West Suffolk. 

This brings further public availability to on-street, accessible charging to the millions of UK drivers without off-street or private parking, and also helps local authorities establish accessible charging networks quickly and efficiently using existing infrastructure.

The lamppost chargers also allow for the rapid expansion of charging infrastructure without additional street furniture.

Over the past six years, ubitricity has helped enable the transition to electric vehicles (EVs) in the UK by converting existing lamppost into charging points in residential areas. 

Its network consists predominantly of slow charging devices located mainly in and around London. However, ubitricity is also deploying fast and rapid charging points for councils and local authorities in easily accessible areas such as council car parks and leisure centres - and has expanded into cities such as Liverpool and Portsmouth, as well as north Lincolnshire.

“The UK EV market has seen rapid growth, and the provision of convenient and accessible charging is a key component in enabling the shift away from internal combustion engine vehicles,” said Toby Butler, Managing Director at ubitricity.

 “As the UK’s largest EV charge point operator, we’re proud of our role in helping ensure that EV owners can drive with confidence, knowing that a convenient, reliable charge will be close at hand. 

“With more than 7,000 charge points now live, and our recent string of high-profile contract wins, we are proud to support local authorities’ rollout of EV charging infrastructure and assist them in meeting their goals to reduce emissions and improve their carbon footprint”.