UK Universities leading the way with adoption of electric vehicles

UK Universities leading the way with adoption of electric vehicles


New research from shows that the proportion of electric vehicles owned by UK Universities is significantly higher than the national average.

In 2013 battery electric vehicles only managed to account for 0.11% of the UK’s new vehicle registrations. However, UK Universities are most certainly doing there bit to encourage the uptake of electric vehicles with 7.73% of all university owned vehicles being powered purely off electricity.

The academic sector, via university asset and fleet managers, has shown a willingness to invest in EVs as a sustainable solution to environmental and economic concerns.

Out of the 114 institutions which responded to the freedom information survey, 58.77% owned at least one electric vehicle and many that did not noted an interest in acquiring one in the near future.

The top 10 universities in terms of electric vehicles as a % of their fleet from the information collected can be seen below (Access a full list on

1. Bucks New University: 66%
2. Edge Hill University: 50%
3. The University of East London: 45.50%
4. The University of Bedfordshire: 33%
5. Royal Holloway, University of London: 33%
6. The University of Sunderland: 27.78%
7. The University of Kent: 26%
8. The University of Dundee: 25%
9. The University of Greenwich: 25%
10. Leeds Trinity University: 25%

The 5 most popular EV models amongst universities are as follows:
1. Aixam Mega Van
2. Renault Kangoo
3. Goupil G3
4. Nissan Leaf
5. E-Z GO Buggy

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