Ultra fast 350kW chargers set for European launch

Ultra fast 350kW chargers set for European launch


A network of ultra-fast charging stations will be rolled out across Europe, capable of charging electric vehicles with a power output of up to 350kW.

Called Ultra E, the project is the result of a collaboration between a number of the continent’s major car manufacturers and charging infrastructure firms.

The points will use the CCS charging standard and will run along routes connecting the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Austria.

There are no vehicles on sale at the moment that can charge at 350kW – Tesla’s models have the highest charging capacity at more than 100kW.

However, the next generation of planned long range EVs from the likes of Porsche and Audi would require an ultra fast charging network to allow for similar or shorter charging times than today’s capabilities. The current expectation is that a 20 minute 350kW charge would return about 190 miles of range.

Existing EVs would be able to charge at the ultra fast points though at a maximum of 50kW, just as with current rapid chargers. Until the next generation models arrive, the points will be used by electric buses and lorries that are starting to be rolled out.

The Ultra E network will be deployed along the TEN-T trans-European network, with 25 new charging stations installed. The project is backed by 19 million euros, half of which is provided by the European Union, with the rest supplied by the project’s partners including the likes of Audi, BMW, and Renault.

Dr. Marcus Groll, Director High Power Charging at Allego GmbH, the company that is installing the points, said: “We are very happy to start the Ultra-E project with a strong partner consortium now and thereby build an important first cornerstone for the European Ultra-Fast-Charging infrastructure of the future.”

Pictured is an Allego rapid charger.