Used EV warranty launched

Used EV warranty launched


Warrantywise has created the first aftermarket warranty specifically for electric vehicles (EVs).

With EVs still featuring relatively new technology, one of the key concerns for buyers is long term costs after the car’s warranty expires. Now with around 40,000 EVs on the road, a number of cars have passed the manufacturer’s warranty date which is why Warrantywise has created the used EV warranty with the help of Quentin Willson.

He says: “Having owned several EVs over the last five years, and driven all the available models, it’s time to bust the urban myths about electric cars. EVs work well for many drivers, and cars like the Nissan Leaf, Tesla Model S, Renault Zoe, Citroen C-Zero, BMW i3 and i8 are reliable, popular and fashionable. At Warrantywise we’re reassuring used EV drivers that there’s now no such thing as ‘repair anxiety’.”

It is worth noting that the warranty excludes electric vehicle battery repairs and replacement, due to existing extended cover offered by manufacturers on the highly specialised, technical and expensive components. Full details of the EV warranty can be found at the company’s website.