Vehicle Innovation World 2015

Vehicle Innovation World 2015



The opportunity for the connected car market to boost revenues for automakers is huge. Vehicle Innovation World aims to improve operational performance and maintain brand awareness of the world’s top automakers. The event will explore cooperation opportunities with the mobile industry to develop product innovation and integrated platforms.

Automotive customers aren’t satisfied with simply navigation and location-based services and local automakers are struggling to catch up with Foreign vehicle manufacturers.

Green vehicles are also enjoying high growth in demand, the charging and energy storage technologies for electric vehicles are developing rapidly. The key problem is how to facilitate electric vehicle with longer battery life, better charging station infrastructure, and lower prices.

The Vehicle Innovation World 2015 show will bring together major companies in the industry to discuss making vehicles greener, safer, smarter and better connected as well as convenient to customer’s lives.

The event will include topics on autonomous driving, connectivity solutions, cyber security, telematics services and charging/ energy storage technology for electric vehicles.

This event is part of thr Future Life Show and will be located with Sports & Health Innovation World 2015 and 4th annual Wireless Power World 2015.